Too much information!

The world at your fingertips: whether it is on ipad, phone, desktop or all of the above, all at once.

Ideas, images, information.

But does  ‘information’ necessarily translate to knowledge, action or empowerment?

Today’s meme is tomorrow’s social movement, until the next overhyped, under-explored concept goes viral.

Nowhere is the impact of ‘over-informed’ people making lifestyle, health and relationship choices based on internet and social media sources more prevalent than in the area of ‘pop’ psychology and junk science.

Several years ago, ‘everyone’ was “bi-polar” based on a plethora of posts, blogs, and books by ambitious pop psychologists vying to be the next Dr. Phil.

Then, for a short time it seemed everyone had Asperger’s. (Thank you, Big Bang Theory!)

The current ubiquitous diagnosis-by-internet is NARCISSISM.*read the DSM-V criteria here.

Narcissism features prominently in popular fiction, television and movies (Girl on a Train, Game of Thrones, 50 Shades of Gray; Truly, Madly, Guilty) that is, when true psychopaths are not the main character (Gone Girl, Game of Thrones — a veritable cesspool of demonic personality types–, Aquarius, American Horror Story, True Detective, The Following.)

My sources tell me the next big thing in the psychobabble/diagnose-your-friends-and-family armory is Borderline Personality.  So stay tuned.

Should you feel you might just be in over your head in diagnosing yourself or your spouse, your local therapist isn’t that much help either.  They too are either victims of the latest theories to come down the psych-pike or they are clinging to hide-bound notions of penis envy and archetypes.

We are going to cut through the hype, the salesmanship (because it is about books, services and an unhealthy culture that looks outside ourselves to solve our problems) and the bull and propose some alternate theories so basic you will wonder why what is so obvious has to be made so complicated…all while turning inside-out the ‘Psychosis of the Month.’

Don’t forget to bring along a sense of humor.

Taking all this too seriously might be a whole new category of maladjustment for the DSM to consider.



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