aside A Psychopath Around Every Corner


“Hundreds of thousands of psychopaths live and work and prey among us. Your boss, your boyfriend, your mother could be what Hare [the premier expert in psychopathy] calls a ‘subclinical’ psychopath, someone who leaves a path of destruction and pain without a single pang of conscience. Even more worrisome is the fact that, at this stage, no one…is quite sure what to do about it.

[Canada wants to find them and lock them up: before they even have a chance to DO anything.  Something a wee bit undemocratic about that, no?  Not to mention unconstitutional were we to consider the same action here in the U.S.]


Psychopaths love chaos and hate rules, so they’re comfortable in the fast-moving modern corporation.

[and politics. Of which we have at least one current Presidential candidate that thinks rules are for other people.]

Psychopaths can be found in legislatures, hospitals, and used-car lots. They’re your neighbour, your boss, and your blind date. Because they have no conscience, they’re natural predators. If you didn’t have a conscience, you’d be one too.”

from Psychopaths Among Us, by Robert Hercz

View the entire fascinating article here:

Experts say about 1% of the population can be clinically diagnosed as having psychopathic personality disorder.

The population of the United States is roughly 300,000,000 which means there are about 300,000 psychopaths living among us, although it is claimed that 20% of the prison population is comprised of psychopaths, so the public at large can rest easy knowing at least some of them are locked away.

The rest are, as expert Hare says, “among us.”

400,000 people are members of just ONE Facebook group dedicated to letting “victims” of psychopaths have their say.

And they do, ad infinitum.

But why?

So you are convinced you personally know a psychopath.  How do you know they are a psychopath?  Are you a qualified psychiatrist, using the Hare criteria in the above article?

If they are a true psychopath, you should have run, run, run from any association with them long ago.

Why do you need to keep talking about it all over facebook?

If knowing a psychopath is the most exciting thing that ever happened to you, you are kinda in trouble as a human being.

Move on.

In the meantime, it IS a fascinating  subject.

But please don’t just label someone a psychopath because you don’t like them, they don’t agree with your politics, or they are just a creep or an inconsiderate person.

PSYCHOPATH is a medical term.

We don’t go around saying someone has HIV or cancer based on our own untrained, unvalidated  diagnosis.

They are interesting to read about, the subject makes for great entertainment, but that’s as far as it needs to go in terms of our day-to-day lives.

So, you 400,000 people on facebook dishing about ‘your’ psychopath:

Get a life.






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