image Crazed lawyer mom frames innocent PTA president

Jill Easter is not a very nice person.


The Irvine, California mother took offense to her son’s after school program volunteer, Kellie Peters’ explanation of why Easter’s son was not in his usual pick-up spot and launched all-out war: on Peters, the school, and the school district for five long years.

Victimizing Kelli Peters took an especially ugly turn.

Easter was convicted of planting drugs in Peters’ car in the school parking lot resulting in humiliation, ostracism and PTSD for Peters, her husband and her 10-year-old daughter.

We have to wonder what diagnosis Dr. Phil would give Easter.

The TV icon interviewed Peters and Easter in May.

Kelli has written a book, in part to make up for the fact her husband, completely destroyed physically and emotionally by the family’s ordeal, can no longer work. (“I’ll Get You!”      co-authored by Sam Rule.)

Her book, impassioned and from her point of view leaves many questions unanswered and details of the LAPD’s investigation are not explored.

The LAPD and Peters’ attorney, as well as Peters’ co-workers and bosses at the school, who stood by her every second of her torture by Easter are heroes in this ‘you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up’ story.

Here is a link to an in-depth L.A. Times story.  It is in six parts and is as entertaining as any soap opera.  I promise you it won’t be featured on Housewives of Orange County, but indeed, this incident happened IN Orange County.  It includes scintillating audio from a conversation the self-absorbed ‘victim’ (in her mind) Jill Easter had with her ‘wired’ paramour.

The Easters (both successful lawyers who have recently been disbarred, and both of whom have wealthy families) have not paid one penny of the $5.7 million they were ordered to pay the Peters in a civil suit earlier this year.




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