Junk science drives big bogus jury awards: talcum powder

Talcum powder causes cancer.

That is what we collectively now believe, but why?

Because we have done our homework, seen the medical studies that support this ‘fact’ and have used logic and reason to come to that conclusion?


It is because juries have awarded $127 million using junk science ‘studies’ to make ridiculously inflated awards to only a few plaintiffs.

And, greedy lawyers, sniffing big bucks from duped jurors are advertising heavily to milk this cash cow.

Google “talcum powder cancer” and the first seven or eight screens show links not to data which supports the talcum cancer scare, but links to lawyers who benefit from this bogus claim.

If you search far enough (and who does because we are an instant gratification culture) you will find the American Cancer Society’s position on this ‘controversy.’

For more on how lawyers are the driving force behind perpetuating this junk science scare scam, read this excellent article.powder


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