About Me

On a personal level, this blog is the outgrowth of my 15-year addiction to self-help books and my recovery from the delusion that pop psych and junk science is a substitute for common sense and educated inquiry.

On a more general level, de-bunking things that are factually incorrect but in the cultural consciousness as absolutely true is fun and gratifying.

And quite possibly, a tremendous public service.  (Although that would be grandiose: a dead-giveaway for narcissism.)

The information clutter on the ‘net, on TV talk shows and in the popular press is often just so much noise designed to make us feel that in an increasingly unsettling world there are clear-cut causes of all our woes and therefore tangible answers, and viable (hopefully quick-fix!) solutions.

We sort out the valid from the bogus, and have a little fun along the way.

Because laughter, and taking it all a little less seriously, is still the ‘best medicine.’

But on a deeper level, this blog will address emotional abuse, in particular Narcissistic Abuse, in between the lighter content.

The subject deserves the attention and respect we give to physical abuse.